Friday, July 1, 2011

Finding Love

Brain over at One Stop Poetry wants us to take a trip down memory lane, and repost something from before they came along. I wrote this poem soon after meeting my now husband, Bob.  I never knew a person could fall so hard and so fast into head over heals  Love. Through all of what life has thrown our way,  both good and bad, we continue to share that, everything is new and wonderful spark of love and lust  from when we first met and fell in love.  Yes that is eighties hair lol!

Falling In Love

This calm I feel
Has been long awaiting
You've touched me now
And there's no evading
This special trust
I feel within
My Heart is full
Of love again

  This was posted for Friday Poetically with Brian Miller 

Over at  One Stop Poetry


  1. That's lovely! A wonderful little poem..

  2. awwww - this is really lovely..and peaceful

  3. Short and sweet. So good your heart is full again :)

  4. This is so beautiful and sweet. Nice picture too. Thank you for linking mine to yours.I appreciate it soooo much. Susie

  5. smiles. this is adorable...hope that love continues to grow deeper and deeper...

  6. Sweet and lyrical! A beautiful love!

  7. This warms the heart of an old lady...☺. It makes me smile knowing you have a full life ahead of you to enjoy sharing this love.
    ☮♥. Siggi in Downeast Maine.USA ..
    (system wouldn't recognize me.)

  8. Beautiful sentiments... fabulous that you still hold that love and lust so close to your hearts.

  9. it's beautifully,not beautiffuly,maybe one day I will learn to type.

  10. Glad you found each rare these days... :)


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