Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dear Friends

We have to be willing to accept the
consequences of what it is we truly desire.
When there is doubt about the outcome of our desires.
They will not present themselves to us.
Only when we are ready, will they come to fruition.
Our readiness and acceptance permits
spirit to set things in motion.
For change is always a part of desire.
Our willingness to accept change enables
our dreams to be reality.
Fear and doubt will hold everything back.

Gratefully shared with  Write A Letter Wednesday 


  1. a beautiful letter. I completely agree - willingness and acceptance are the keys; dear and doubt hold everything back.

  2. oops, meant to write "fear" and doubt

  3. true that...accepting the consequences of our aspirations....

  4. Thanks...I learned this the hard way lol!

  5. How true it is fear and doubt holding us back
    Wise words, thanks for sharing...

  6. This is a lovely letter, Helena, and so very true. It is said that if we want something different to happen in our lives we have to be willing to do something different, to embrace change. You stated that so well. Fear and doubt are shadows that hide the sun of hope and joy. We can learn to push that veil aside, one step at a time, one day at a time. This was an awesome post, one I will be back to reread from time to time as a reminder! Thank you for sharing it at Write A Letter Wednesday!

  7. enjoyed the wisdom,well written,thanks for sharing Helena

  8. This is really beautiful...your blog is really lovely.

    Nice to meet you~


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