Monday, July 4, 2011



The imaginings of artistic talent 
is inspiring and hard to resist 
no matter what form it takes.
Creativity manifests as if by magic…
something from nothing…

It’s not just  poetry that manifests as if by magic.  There are many art forms.  Embroidery happens to be one that is my bliss…I was taught the art of embroidery as a small child by my Mother.  I remember my first piece as if it were yesterday, a pre-made pot holder with a stamp of a Rooster on it.  I choose the colors black and red for my creation.  I recall stitching big awkward stitches while learning and then wondered, what happened?  Ha! I must say, it took me awhile to learn the lesson of patience.  My husband says that I am still learning that lesson.  I remember thinking, embroidery isn’t as fast as colouring. My Mom’s voice still echoes in my head…"the smaller the stitch, the neater your work”  Now I understand why the next piece she gave me was cross stitch.  Despite my impatience, I persevered and continued to stitch with enthusiasm.  In a very short time I came to love embroidery.  I soon had my own hoop, needles, threads and of course we can’t forget the tiny scissors. To this day I still prefer to use my little vintage hoop which belonged to my Grandmother. After many years and numerous projects, I finally have mastered the smallest of stitches.

You won’t always find traditional colours in my embroidery, no colour choices which are typically expected.  I tend to have an outside the box approach for my needlework art.  “Who says you can’t have an orange daisy with a purple center”.   I embroider much the same way that I use to colour as a child, with a free spirited whimsy-like mischievous outlook, which I continue to draw on for inspiration today.  “Purple puppies, blue bunnies, aqua peonies,…why not?”.    I guess you could best describe my embroidery style much like that of a kaleidoscope. The effect is much like a pansy…ah the pansy my muse!  This multi-coloured tough little perfectly delicate flower understands the mischievous diverseness of nature.

I love to embroider so much, that I have completed many, many samples with no particular agenda or plan as to how to use them. My imagination stirs and I picture one of a kind keepsakes, such as cushions, bags, purses or stuffed animals. While embroidering I get lost in bliss.  It serves as a form of meditation and now that summer has arrived, I will be out on my front porch
sipping lemonade, sewing the smallest of stitches, all while
creating something from nothing,


Red Work


something from nothing…



  1. these are lovely particularly the butterflies...i find that artists often dont settle for one form...i like to draw and paint myself...

  2. You have the "touch" for embroidery and the artists eye for making them unique.
    I think, for me, it is amazing when any project starts out, the canvas is blank, and after hours...sometimes hundreds of hours, something beautiful has happened. You can see the images filling in day by a miracle.
    Thank you for sharing.
    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  3. WOW! This is my first visit to your embroidery page, and I am fascinated. It is thrilling to see your creativity with needlework, and to hear the story of how it all began with your Mother's gentle encouragement. Each piece is a unique work of art that shows how patience can result in profound beauty. Thanks for sharing this, dear Helena!

  4. Just beautiful..I love all of them but the butterflies caught my are a woman of many talents...Blessings, Susie


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